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H-R Series Float Line For Swimming Pool


  • Description
    Equipment and products for all pool roping requirements including line floats, cup anchors, eyebolts, hooks and accessories, swim buoys and channel markers, as well as prebuilt recreational and safety lane line kits. Complete with wheels for repositioning the roller aids with the storage and removal of ball type and anti-wave float lines.
  • Features
    1. Swimming pool float line rollers are made of Stainless Steel, provided with a large diameter wheel for line collection, mounted on 2 wheels for moving around.
    2. It is very strong and durable. Suitable for 25 meter, 50 meter and 100 meter swimming float lines.
    3. Easy to move.
  • Parameter

011425 H-R-25 Made of stainless steel, suitable for 25 meter swimming float lines
011450 H-R-50 Made of stainless steel, suitable for 50 meter swimming float lines
011400 H-R-100 Made of stainless steel, suitable for 100 meter swimming float lines

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