How To Clean Your Swimming Pool

The dirt can be removed from the pool floor by using a manual swimming pool vacuum cleaner. You can find out how to use a manual swimming pool vacuum cleaner below.

First of all, attach the manual vacuum cleaner to the telescopic handle. Use the simple click system to do this.Then slide the floating hose onto the suction point of the vacuum cleaner.


Place the vacuum cleaner in the corner of the swimming pool and lower the vacuum cleaner together with the hose to the bottom of the pool.

Now grasp the vacuum cleaner hose at the water line. Push the hose down below the water line vertically metre by metre until you reach the end of the hose. This will vent the vacuum cleaner hose. If you don’t do this, your swimming pool pump will be damaged.   

After venting the vacuum cleaner hose, you can connect the hose to the vacuum cleaner connector or the skimmer.  You can then leave the filter basket in place.

To be able vacuum well, the entire suction power must go to the vacuum cleaner connection point. It may be necessary to close certain pipes temporarily, e.g. when using skimmers or floor cleaners. You can close these pipes with the help of the ball valves on the filter installation.

So now everything is ready to clean the pool. Go over the floor of the swimming pool with the vacuum cleaner and suck up the dirt. Try to stir up the other dirt as little as possible. So proceed carefully.

If you notice that the suction power of the vacuum cleaner is reduced, backwash the sand filter. This will clean the sand filter. After a few minutes, the suction power will be good again and you can carry on cleaning the pool.



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