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J-Series UV Water Sterilizers


  • Description
    UV Sterilizers JM
    1. Flow 0.1 to 5OOT /H
    2. Automatic welding
    3. Resistance to ozone and UV aging
    4. Sterilization rate as high as 99.99%
    5. System U.S.NSFSS
  • Features
    1. Living water,Drinking water,Pure water,Mineral water.
    2. Swimming pool, Landscape water Circulating cooling water.
    3. Food,Cosmetic,Medicine.
    4. Sewage treatments.
    5. Aquarium.
    6. (TOC) TOC reduction of electronic ultra-pure water.
  • Parameter


Code  Flow Rate Power Dimensions Inlet/outlet size Max Operating
S-UV50L 50L/H(0.2GPM) 8W L250*W48*H65mm 1/4” 0.8Mpa
JS-UV100L 100L/H(0.5GPM) 10W L250*W48*H65mm 1/4” 0.8Mpa
JS-UV250L 250L/H(1GPM-B) 14W L310*W60*H80mm 1/2” 0.8Mpa
JS-UV500L 500L/H(2GPM) 18W L390*W60*H80mm 1/2” 0.8Mpa
JS-UV1000L 1000L/H(4GPM) 23W L460*W73*H105mm 1/2” 0.8Mpa
JS-UV1500L 1500L/H(6GPM) 28W L560*W73*H110mm 3/4” 0.8Mpa
JS-UV2000L 2000L/H(8GPM) 32W L710*W73*H110mm 3/4” 0.8Mpa
JS-UV3000L 3000L/H(12GPM) 55W L970*W73*H115mm 1” 0.8Mpa
JS-UV5000L 5000L/H(20GPM)D 100W L970*W73*H125mm 1.5” 0.8Mpa


Code  Flow Rate Power Dimensions Inlet/outlet size Max Operating
M-UV3T 2-3T/H 50w×1 L970×W125×H245mm 1" 0.8Mpa
JM-UV6T 4-6T/H 100w×1 L970×W125×H255mm 1.5" 0.8Mpa
JM-UV12T 8-12T/H 100w×2 L970×W180×H300mm 2" 0.8Mpa
JM-UV20T 15-20T/H 100w×3 L970×W180×H300mm 2" 0.8Mpa
JM-UV30T-A 25-30T/H 100w×4 L970×W215×H405mm 3" 0.8Mpa
JM-UV30T-B 25-30T/H 100w×4 L970×W275×H465mm 3" 0.8Mpa
JM-UV40T-A 35-40T/H 100w×5 L970×W215×H405mm 3" 0.8Mpa
JM-UV40T-B 35-40T/H 100w×5 L970×W275×H465mm 3" 0.8Mpa
JM-UV50T-A 45-50T/H 100w×6 L970×W215×H405mm 4" 0.8Mpa
JM-UV50T-B 45-50T/H 100w×6 L970×W275×H480mm 4" 0.8Mpa


Code  Flow Rate Power Reaction Chamber
Control Cabinet
Inlet/outlet size Max Operating
JL-UV60T 60T/H 155w×5 L1700×W160×H410mm L700×W650×H200mm 4" 0.8Mpa
JL-UV70T 70T/H 155w×6 L1700×W160×H410mm L700×W650×H200mm 5" 0.8Mpa
JL-UV80T 80T/H 155w×7 L1700×W220×H470mm L800×W650×H200mm 5" 0.8Mpa
JL-UV100T 100T/H 155w×8 L1700×W220×H470mm L900×W650×H200mm 6" 0.8Mpa
JL-UV125T 125T/H 155w×10 L1700×W275×H525mm L1100×W700×H200mm 6" 0.8Mpa
JL-UV150T 150T/H 155w×12 L1700×W275×H525mm L1100×W800×H200mm 8" 0.8Mpa
JL-UV200T 200T/H 320w×8 L1700×W275×H525mm L900×W850×H200mm 8" 0.8Mpa
JL-UV250T 250T/H 320w×10 L1700×W275×H525mm L1000×W1050×H200mm 8" 0.8Mpa
JL-UV300T 300T/H 320w×12 L1700×W325×H575mm L1150×W1050×H200mm 10" 0.8Mpa
JL-UV400T 400T/H 320w×16 L1700×W325×H575mm L1600×W1200×H250mm 10" 0.8Mpa
JL-UV500T 500T/H 320w×20 L1700×W430×H680mm L1600×W1380×H250mm 12" 0.8Mpa

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