Pool Cleaning Accessories

With the improvement of people’s living standards. Most country and people like to build the pool and enjoying the swimming. For example, the peoples of Asia, Middle-east country like build the pool in the outdoor garden and hotel. So when you start to build the pool, you will looking to a whole set pool cleaning accessories. Let us introduce what pool cleaning accessories are included in the swimming pool equipment.


1. Filtration system: Swimming pool filter, including the top mount sand filter, side mount sand filter, sand filter combo and cartridge filter. The functions is filtering the pool water and need to connect the water pump use together, so the pool water filtration could be circulation all the time


2. Swimming pool cleaning accessories: vacuum head, leaf skimmer rake, pool brush and telescopic pole. The cleaning accessories functions is cleaning the pool water


3. Disinfection system: salt water chlorinator, UV sterilizers, water quality monitor and dosing pump


4. Swimming pool lights: including the RGB LED lights, underwater lights


5. Pool accessories: skimmer, suction fittings


All the pool accessories is according to your pool sizes to equip with the proper pool equipment.



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