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Water Quality Monitor Satellite 250


  • Description
    Water Quality moniter stellite 250
    “Satellite" Water Quality Monitor is the most stable and practical water quality monitoring instrument, easy to install in the existing pool filtration system, with LCD display, and set all kinds of swimming pool maintenance functions in a, is the best partner of your swimming pool. It not only can automatically adjust the PH, ORP probe standard value, and can control the dosing pump, water pumps, and monitoring pool water, eliminating the trouble in the operation to ensure optimal water quality standards and water cleanliness.
  • Features
    Easily installed into existing pool systems.
    Easily programmed for daily requirements
    High quality and competitive price
    To balanced water PH/ORP
    To keep water quality
    Automated water treatment
  • Parameter

OPR Control Adjustable from O to 999mv
PH  Control Adjustable from 1.0to 14
ORP Sensor Platinum elecllode with 13-ft(4m〕cable
HP Sensor Glass electrode with 13-ft(4m)cable
Readouts  ORP(3 digits)and ph(2 digits)LEDs
Feed modes Manual,automatic
Adjustments Setpoint,calibration,limit,feed rate
Indicators LEDs for feed mode,feed status,alarms
Safety Audio,visual and remote alarms out-of rang limits and overfeed safety timers"
Electrical AC 220V/50Hz

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