Wholesale Sand Filter

The swimming pool filter is the most important equipment needed to keep your water looking fresh and clean. Jazzi wholesale sand filter represent the latest filter technology. You can count on our filters to provide the finest filtration and highest efficiency available. Today let me introduce look at some sand filter and what sand filter are included in the Jazzi wholesale sand filter.


1. Top mount sand filter: Jazzi top mount multi purge sand filters the latest filter technology filtration, the fiberglass winding design allows the filter to chemical and corrosives.

2. Side mount sand filter: Jazzi series side mount valve sand filters will provide clear water for commercial users. They produce more filtered water with less pump horsepower.

3. Side mount flange sand filter: The fiberglass winding design enables the filter to be durable, deforming proof and corrosion design.

4. Sand filter combo: Pairs the innovative pool perfect pump with the plastic filter, six position 1.5 inch multi-port valve. Self-priming pumps in 1.5HP ratings. All model equipped with easy spin-on unions for plumbing hook-ups.

5. Cartridge filter: With high quality polyvinyl chloride, world advanced technical and technology production, streamlined compact design attractive, it combines with filter, handrail, and underwater light.

6. Cartridge filter: Jazzi series cartridge filters represent the latest filter technology. They provide crystal clear water and have extra cleaning capacity to accommodate pools and spas of all types and sizes.

However, Jazzi wholesale sand filter can meet your any requirements for sand filter.







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